hot choco with a side of plum

Today I’m feeling natural nude eyes, with a pop of dark plum lips, is the way to go. Kind of vampy…but not so much.  So I thought I’d share…What is on My Beauty Plate…

On my eyes: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
On my nails: Essie Polish in Hot Coco
Lips: Revlon Colorburst in Embellished Embelli

Urban Decay line has never failed me the palette is a MUST for every makeup diva!  The perfect colors for everyday use and still enough colors you can layer the colors to darken and make your eyes more dramatic for a night out!!

The Revlon Colorburst is a great amount of coverage and pigmentation for daytime without making your lips look too intense for daytime shopping and lunch.  It’s not goopy or sticky and with extra applications you can deepen the color.  In my eyes,  the packaging design and the glosses texture/consistency kind of reminds me of CHANEL Glossimers! I might have to buy this in more colors to test if there are any DUPES.

Well I’m off to enjoy this sunny Tuesday…. as always….Feel free to share your thoughts with me!  Love to hear it!! :). 

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