beauty in boxes

Good morning Glammies!!! 

So I’m wondering…. Do you BirchBox? 
Do you get a scrumptious box, filled with unexpected goodies, delivered to your door every month?  
If so…. Don’t you feel like a little
Kid waiting for Christmas to come?  đŸ˜
And if not…. What are you waiting for?!?!  It’s seriously the best $10 ever spent!!  I’ll fill you in on what it is…

Birchbox is a beauty company which offers a Subscription Box that ships monthly to your house.  It is filled with deluxe sample sizes of beauty/skincare products from new, upcoming and luxury companies!   

You make a profile of your hair, skin type and what kind of beauty regimen you do.  Then they take your profile and pull products that they think you would love and send you 5 products!! 

 It’s so amazing!!!  I have tried so many new products that i actually like and WOULD purchase, but without BIRCHBOX,  I probably wouldn’t have ever thought about buying these certain products.

 How many times have you wanted to buy something new, but were afraid you won’t like it and be out of your money!?  Only to walk away, from the purchase, then regret you’ll never know.  

Well.. this is opposite and if you do end up liking a product, you can purchase a full size from their online site!

    They even offer a product review and new referral reward program.   After you tried your products you go online to answer a few questions, and give your honest opinion about that product.  In return you get reward points that can be cashed in to use on their site and get free full sized products!!!! It’s AMAZE-balls!!!  

 Here’s what I recently used my rewards on and I got some Laura Geller Lip glosses!!!! 😍😍  I’ll share that in another post soon!!  


If you haven’t looked into signing up then I highly suggest it!!   

You can check it out through here :: 

Well, that’s what’s on my beauty plate today!!!  

As usual ask me anything in the comments!!!

Love to hear your thoughts!! 💌

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