winter blues 

My Perlier firming butter (cream) is saving my life today!!!  I’m soooo OVER winter and so are my hands!!! This winter has been brutal and it definitely shows.  

  The body FIRMING butter cream has been THE perfect way to keep my hands and other areas well moisturized!!  I love that its not greasy and literally stays on!!  I haven’t found myself re-applying it every 1/2 hour which is annoying!!  

Plus it smells SOOOO good!!   😍 I LOVE almond smelling products.  It’s so clean and sweet smelling! 

I have always LOVED their line. 

If you are looking for an ingredients list or to purchase you can find it here::

Do you have a favorite Perlier product that you swear by?   

Love to know…. Leave a message in my comments!  💌 

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