It’s the weekend!!!! 

It’s a NARS kind of day!!! 

Keeping my Saturday face soft and “natural” ☺️☺️ 

Here’s my look:

Nars Duo in All About Eve 

Nars Illuminator in Orgasm 

Michael Kors Very Hollywood 🎥 

I’ve been obsessed with NARS since my late teens!!  And for YEARS I can not go wrong with the Nars Blush or Illuminator in Orgasm.  It is a MUST HAVE in every girls makeup bag!  It has the perfect amount of pinky glow…  You know that flushed look, we get in our face, after a long run…. Yeah that’s what it does for you! Seriously it’s perfection.   

All about Eve is an amazing flesh colored duo set.  One has shimmer and the other is a semi matte nude color.  You can achieve a minimal natural look with this color and they don’t need to be re-applied or crease.  You know the saying it takes a lot of product to get a “natural” look 😉☺️ 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!! The count down to spring begins…. 21 more days!!  

Love to know what products you use to get a “natural” look.  Tell me in the comments…  Can’t wait to hear them 💌 

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