coffee with f.r.i.e.n.d.s and Khloe

It’s Monday mayhem….

Either you’re off to school, commuting to work or getting your kids on the bus….Mondays always crazy!!  

 I’m sitting here enjoying my sons late start (thank you Mr. Ice storm) drinking from my “Cup of Life” and reading some blogs!  

So these 2 things gave me a little excitement this morning!

1st my cup of Joe with my good old FRIENDS. Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe!!!

Whaaaaat?!?!!  I seen this in the supermarket and could not NOT bring them home with me!!!  They are like family!   They have been with me for half my life.  Def my favorite show… wait, I have to add Sex and the City to that list.  But my F.R.I.E.N.D.S  will always be first!!!  

I have to say this coffee is SOOO yummy!   I really didn’t want to open it,  but I’m out of grinds and I’m a coffee before talkie kind of gal!! 😉☕️  

And my other morning happiness is MS.  Khloe “KOKO” Kardashian!!  

OMG!!! 😍😍😍 I’m LOVING her blonde!   How amazing does she look.   She’s also been on top of her workout routine and she is looking  AMAZEBALLS lately!!!  Good for her!!   

I might get a lot of hate for this but this is my Kardashian order…… Khloe, Kourtney then Kim!  

 I know, I know…, I put Kim last!  In my eyes personality TRUMPS beauty.  But honestly,  Kim’s personality is nothing special!  She’s gorgeous but she bores me.   I love Khloe because I feel she is genuine and isn’t phony for the cameras…  Do you have a favorite Kardashian?  

 Even though I’m kind of over the whole “Kardashians takes over the world”, there’s no way around them.  The media is always focused on their lives and style.  Plus, they have brought a lot of money into the fashion and beauty industry.   So if  you don’t like them, you just have to learn to live with them.  It’s going to be awhile before they are out of he spotlight!   

So thank you Khloe for giving me my mornig girl crush and making me book a hair appointment to go blonde!  â˜şď¸

Well as always, I love to hear from my readers! 

 Leave me a quick message in the comments!! 💌

Hope I was a good read!  

Enjoy your Monday!!! 

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