Luxe Pineapple “Boxes of Joy”

I have lots to share with you Glammies about the AWESOME NON-Subcription “Boxes of Joy” Beauty Box company Luxe Pineapple!!! 🍍🍍🍍

Boxes of Joy

They offer beauty boxes filled with well-known branded goodies.  YOU get to PICK what box you want!!!!  You get to peek before you buy!!  Isn’t that just amazing!!!  😃😃

LUXE PINEAPPLE  is a small family business.  Which means the quantity of product of limited.  But that doesn’t mean the quality is!!!! 

They offer 100% authentic products at discounted rates.  Such as Benefit, Tarte, MAC, and NYX just to name a few.   Kind of like retailers T.J. Maxx 

The concept is that they purchase overstocked, products that perhaps the retailers bought too much of.  Or maybe,  the line produced a newer package design,  so the companies take the older style off the shelves. And when I say older I DONT mean old or expired products.  Just old packaging design or perhaps it’s a product that is no longer in production.   

And that’s when companies like LUXE PINEAPPLE come in.  They buy those items in bulk from the company at a discounted rate and therefore pass the savings down to us!!!   We ALL know us obsessed, makeup junkies would LOVE to save a few dollars and still have our quality products!!  SCORE!!

Products change all the time.  You have to act fast,   because when the limited quantity of boxes are released…. They sell out fast!! 😩😩😩  The way you know they are putting a box up for grabs is, they send an email out letting us know a release is about to happen at so and so time!  You have to watch for that email!  

Go over to their website. and check them out!  You can click here to sign up with your email to get notified when a box is going to be released!!!

Don’t forget to a sign up  😉

Let me know what you think!!  

Leave me a line in the comments!  💌


5 thoughts on “Luxe Pineapple “Boxes of Joy”

    • my beauty plate says:

      You should! Last week the boxes were NYX cosmetics! They have some products up right now at a great price. I saw an awesome MAC shadow which looks like it would be perfect as a brow highlighter. There’s Glam Glow sample packets up there too! I have my eye on a few things. I hope they are still available when I’m able to buy them

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