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I just heard some AMAZING news!!!  Sephora is offering a new shipping program called Flash.  You can sign up clicking HERE.

For just $10, a one time enrollment fee, you will get one Year of FREE 2 Day Shipping on ALL orders.  NO minimum to spend!!!  If you want overnight shipping it will only cost you only $5.95!   Of course, VIB Rouge members already have access to this offer as a complimentary,   but WHHAAAATTT!?!?! 😃😃😃 This is a great program.  

My pocketbook is sure going to be upset!! 😉   

Are any of you big Sephora shoppers?  Or VIB?! 

Figured I would pass the news along to you Beauty Lovers out there!   💄

Happy shopping!! 💋


3 thoughts on “SEPHORA “news” FLASH 

  1. InTheAllieWay says:

    OH MY GOSH this is amazing. I always want to order small things off sephora but 75$ minimum is a little high. This is great! I didn’t know that VIB rouge members already got this either… I was so close to rouge in December, only $50 away :(. No one at checkout told me so in January I saw that I had missed out on rouge by $50 and I was so mad!


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