Argan Oil Benefits

Hey Everyone!  Today I want to share the benefits of Argan Oil.  Have you ever heard or Argan Oil or used it before?  Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree from Morocco. In Morocco it is used as a oil for breads and sauces.  But lately with all the hype surrounding it, it has been found in high end beauty products.  

Using Argan oil as a natural remedy is very beneficial.  It helps with the hair,skin and nails.  Here’s a few examples how: 

🌟Moisturizing for the face and skin

🌟Preventive Aging Solution

🌟Moisturize & Repair Dry/Dull Hair 

🌟Add Shine

🌟Help Eczema and Psoriasis

🌟Nail And Cuticle Care 


I was lucky enough to recieve a sample from Pura D’or to review.  I couldn’t wait to try this out.  I love oils!  More so because they are Organic and Natural!  As I get older, I find myself looking for  more pure products instead of harsh toxic chemicals to put on my body.  I have always used Pure Olive Oil as a skin moisturizer because its natural and boy does it work!!  Then the hype became Moroccan Argan Oil and now I’m testing those waters.  So far, i am extremely happy with the results.

  Let me share it with you!  


First,  I tried the Pure, Natural and Organic Oil.  I used this on my hands and nail cuticles.  It definately helped my dryness and my cuticles don’t look as dry.  I have always had dry hands, so this is an area I always look to first for moisturizing.  I have only used this for a week.  So given a few more days, I believe I will see a better change.  So far it’s good.  It’s not super oily and my hands are not leaving any residue as I touch things.  That is always a problem with certain oils.  This has been good to me.  I also used this as a oil for my hair after straightening it.  It gave it a little shine and felt lightweight.  A little is all you need, otherwise your hair will end up looking greasy.  Keep in mind… DO NOT apply it directly at the scalp area because it will give you a greasy look and feel.  Only apply it to the middle section of the hair, then down towards the ends.  That’s where you will see the best results.  you can also apply this as a scalp moisturizer to relieve itchy scalp and possibly dandruff.  Apply to scalp let set for 30 minutes then wash your hair well.  Voila! 


I also took advantage to use this on my face at night to see if there was any noticeable benefits for skincare.   I think this is GREAT to use on your face before bed.  lt gives the oil  a chance to soak into your skin and absorb its nutrients.  If you have dry skin, you would LOVE this product.   It will balance that out for you and make you skin feel soft and smooth again.  My skin is combination so i have to use this sparingly as to not become too oily.   

Another point I must add,  is that Argan Oil properties are great for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.  So if you have these ailments, you should look into an oil treatment as a natural remedy to possibly alleviate your symptoms. 

Next, is the Pura D’or Premium Organic Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla.  The smell of this is seriously AH-MAZING!!   I wish there was smell-o-vision!!  It’s so light but sweet.  You smell the sweetness of the vanilla more but also the hint of lavender.  Divine!!   I kind of want to smell my hair all day long! 

When I applied this, I did a normal amount size of a half dollar, as to I have middle of my back length hair.  I noticed that compared to my other conditioners it didn’t leave that feeling as rinsing, that there was product still left in my hair.   But I felt I needed to apply the conditioner 2x’s as to it didn’t feel as soft after the 1st rinse.  After drying and throughout the day my hair felt great and wasn’t heavy or oily, as some conditioners are too thick and cause that.   I would reccomend this to anyone.  You can also shop this through Amazon for quick and reliable shipping. 

Well I hope I was a little informative to you on Argan Oils and its benefits!  I’d love to hear your feedback!  Are you and oil lovers for skincare as well?  

Chat with me in the comments!  đŸ’Œ

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This post is sponsered by BrandBacker and Pura D’or  I recieved this product in return for my VERY honest thoughts of  this product.   In NO way, are my reviews or feelings towards this product influenced by this.  My feelings are genuine and mine.  đŸ™‚  

2 thoughts on “Argan Oil Benefits

  1. glamtime21 says:

    seems to be a good type of oil. have had dry skin and as much as i try looking after it it becomes harder and not found anything yet to satisfy my desperation

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