goPURE Naturals Youth Glow Review

Hey Loves!!  

Are some of you ladies on a quest for a great undereye regime?  Perhaps you have tired eyes that need a little “wake me up”  in the morning.  Or you are  just looking for a preventive eye care product.  You may like this little gem of an eye gel!    


Since having 2 small children, coffee helps get me moving, but that doesn’t take care of my NO-sleep eyes.   You know that saying…. “Just because I have kids, doesn’t mean I have to look like it!”  Well that is my mission…. Finding my face before kids and lack of sleep happened!   I want to keep my “youthfulness” for as long as I can! 

I was given this Youth Glow Eye Gel to sample and review by Go Pure Naturals sponsored by BrandBacker.  I was super excited to try this.   

A little about the product Youth Glow Eye Gel.

This gel claims to be 100% Natural and Paraben Free.  goPURE Eye Cream Benefits
• Dramatically Reduces Puffiness Under and Around The Eyes – Look More Refreshed, Younger and More Attractive
• Reduces Appearance of Dark Circles Under and Around Your Eyes – Making Eyes Look Younger
• Reduces Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines (aka Crows Feet) so Your Face Looks More Radiant
• Safe For All Skin Types & Does Not Contain Parabens, Sulfates Or Alcohol.

What a great start!

Parabens are so bad.

I typically look for products without it.  If you are not aware,  Parabens have been linked to causing change in hormones and causing Early menstral cycles in young girls.  There is also ALOT  of talk about Parabens in underarm deodorants, lotions and sprays,  possibly linked to tumors in breast cancer findings.  So ladies PLEASE for your health concern, read up on this topic and do your research.  I will never know the real truth behind it, so I, as prevention, try to stay away from them!  

Here’s some ingredients that stick out to me in common terminology:    

Organic Aloe Leaf

 Plant stem cells

Cucumber hydrosol

Jojoba oil

Botanical hyaluronic acid

Vitamin C & E

along with Exclusive Peptide Complex

There are NO Fillers.  No Chemicals.  No Alcohol 

The Company’s site states  “After a single use, this all natural eye gel will reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and eye bags. Fortified with skin-loving nutrients like Vitamin C, it promotes healthy cell regeneration and the production of collagen. This firms and strengthens delicate skin, reducing the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Vitamin C also contains antioxidant properties, and it is effective in neutralizing free radicals. goPure’s Youth Glow Eye Gel smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles while the preventing the formation of new ones. A common ingredient in injectable fillers, hyaluronic acid significantly reduces the appearance of tired eyes while diminishing the size of under eye circles. When combined with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and promotes a youthful glow. “

Here’s my experience with the goPURE Youth Glow eye gel.  

 I’ve used this eye gel for about a week so far and I really LOVE it!   Since there is cucumber in here, it has a clean, light, crisp scent and it smells fantastic!   After applying,  immediately my skin feels calming and cool.   I’m actually enjoying this gel, as I sit here and write this blog post!   It feels amazing on and my eyes really feel awake.  Not heavy or sleepy feeling.   It’s not sticky or gooey at all.  It’s really a great product.    I love applying this right after waking up and washing my face.  It’s kind of my morning perk me up.  Goes great with my daily morning coffee regimen. 

You can even apply it and run errands without looking like you slathered yourself with petroleum oil,  as some products tend to leave behind after application.  EeeEeKKK!    

Since this is an eye gel, that area intended for this product tends to be more sensitive.  I have not had any reactions or issues after applying.  I would suggest using this smallest size for day ones usage.  Just to be safe to see how your skin “likes” the gel.   I used about 1 pea sized dab for each undereye.  That seemed about enough to cover the area completely.   


Remember, just because something is “Natural, Organic or pure” doesn’t mean you can not have a reaction to it.    Always use small amounts when first trying a new product.  

If you are interested in purchasing the goPURE Naturals Youth Glow Eye Gel you can purchase it here At goPURES website or also on amazon at

They stand behind their product and offer

100% MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back 

If You Can’t Honestly Say That Your Eyes Look 10 Years Younger After 2 Months of Daily Use We’ll Give You Your Money Back!

It is Made in the USA and Never Tested on Animals!

I think you will be really happy with this product.  You should look into it amd try it out! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  No question is too silly!  Talk to me in the comments! Love to hear from you! 💌

Thanks for reading loves!  

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