Haircare routine!! 

Morning Dolls!  I always get asked how is my hair so shiny and smooth! So today I’m sharing my secret!

 I have a lot of hair.. Thick but not course (if that makes sense) . And My hair is past the middle of my back.  I do not have ANY split ends and only cut my hair maybe once every 8 months.💇


  My hair is smooth,  shiny and healthy all Because that beautiful CERAMIC brush!! 💜💜. Sorry It looks worn but that’s because it is VERY loved! ☺️ I HIGHLY suggest investing in a ceramic round brush!  Why?!? The ceramic heats up evenly and doesn’t scold the hair like a metal brush🚫🚫🚫Therefore the ceramic causes your hair to dry smoother and protects the hair from heat damage.  Along with a good brush I recommend a Hair Serum or oil!  My Favorites are BeautyProtector, Garnier Fructis sleek&shine, ITS A 10, and Moroccan Oil.  Not pictured is ITS a 10!  I ran out and haven’t replaced it yet. 😕 These are my favorites and Holy grail! 

Here’s how I use my oils….

Apply a dime size to palm and apply to WET hair.  Making sure apply ends to root.  Doing it this way, you Will NOT apply too much at the scalp and cause product buildup, making it look oily.  Blowdry hair in sections and Once dry, take a SMALL dab of oil again & rub in palm of hand.  GENTLY whisp at the crown of head towards the roots to prevent flyaways and frizz!  And Viola!  That’s it!!! 💁💁💁

What is your hair routine?!  Leave me a comment 💌

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