TomBoxes is a Monthly MUST have….

Ok Ladies Here it is!!! 

Look at all these great products!!! 

How awesome is this Subscription Box from TomBoxes?!  You get all of this Starting at $16 a month.  You can add extra makeup, razors and goodies for a little more money.  

 We ladies obviously need the EHhmmm☺️… And the rest is just a bonus to help ease our crabbiness while PMSing! 

Every month you get a hygiene product (your choice) … Makeup products and Jewelry.  This seems like a wonderful way to a make a girl happy during one of the worst weeks in her month! 

 This Box Is also suppose to contain chocolates or sweets as well, but due to summer months and melting.. they eliminate it for Warm weather.  

Your first box is only $8 to try and is available to Purchase through the TomBoxes   Site. 👍🏼

Do you think this is a great box to have?! 

Let me know your thoughts!


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