Quick and simple teeth whitening 

Good Morning Loves!

  Sorry I have been A little absent.  Summer is in FULL effect here!  Busy busy busy…. 

Since I’m talking about Summer…..   I’m so excited about this!!!  

Summer is here and there’s nothing better to compliment that tan than with having a Pearly White Teeth! 😁  

You can get your @SmileSciences kit too for only $29 (regularly $299 that’s a 90% savings🙌🏼)   

Just USE my couponcode “BEAUTYPLATE” at www.smilesciences.com  

This wonder product is MADE IN THE USA and is FDA registered!  And it will NOT cause tooth sensitivity. 

 It even comes in 2 flavors…. Bubble Gum and Mint.  I’m Getting Mint and I can taste the freshness my teeth will be feeling  already! 

I hope you take advantage of this great savings.   Everyone deserves to love their SMILE!! 


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