Fragrance Haul

 Hi my loves!! 

So if you remember, I did a little haul from awhile back.


I Love perfume and a scent can hold a memory as well as speak an emotion… So I’m always looking for new scents to enjoy. 

Today I’m going to talk about my Fragrance pieces! 

First, let’s take a look at one of my newest favorite scents Acqua di Gioia  

Acqua di Gioia

I have always been obsessed with my husbands Acqua di Gio.   He always smells so clean and like freshly showered when I smell him. 

So when I see this, I said I bet I would lovvvve it. And I was right!  
This to me is like a ladies version of the men’s.   Feminine, Clean, Sweet with a soft smell. I always get compliments when I wear it.  

I may not the greatest at explaining perfumes, but you must give it a smell. Especially if you love the men’s version. You’ll want this.  It contains the notes of mint, brown sugar, lemon, jasmine, pink pepper, peony, cedarwood and Labdamum.   
Ok, Moving on… 

Next up.. is this Gorgeous Bottle, Boucheron Place Vendome by Boucheron   

Boucheron Place Vendome

Honestly, the bottle sold me! It’s beautiful.  A stunning piece on my vanity.  It screams sexy, girly and confidence.    I read about this I n an article of top perfumes of 2014. The scent sounded a little outside of my comfort zone because I like soft, sweet and clean scents.  

This is like an oriental, and floral scent. As I read it’s notes, which contains mandarin orange, rose, orange blossom and pear… I also seen it contains pink pepper, which I always seem to love.   So I figured I’d give it a try.  Definitely not an expected scent.  

A woman who is confident and loves a unique smell, I think would love this. It starts off a bit more floral at first then softens to a sweet pleasing scent.  I’m not sure if I will reach for it everyday.  I think this deserves its own time to be showcased.  Maybe when you want to leave your scent somewhere! (Wink wink) 

I say next time you are out give it a whiff… This opened my horizons a bit to venture out of my comfort zone.  
And my last fragrance which I’m OBSESSED with Lady Gaga Fame  

Lady Gaga Fame


That’s about all I had to say after I spritzed myself with this Dark, moody looking bottle! 

 I need to say how unique this bottle is!!! It has Lady Gagas signature style all over it!! 

 I think it captures Lady G to a T! Right?! 

 The look of this the bottle is Dark, the fluid is BLACK!!!! What! Don’t worry it doesn’t leave ANY MARKS or stains…. Figures she has to go beyond our expectations. 

And the SCENT!!! DIVINE!!  It’s PERFECTION!!! It’s sweet, a light powdery, alluring and I can’t seem to stop smelling myself mesmerizing! You have to get it! 

I mean, I have no words for it…. But I will tell you it’s notes…. Belladonna, Orchid, Saffron, Incenses, honey and apricot. And the Price Point is attainable for all! I’m 36 and I love it!! This is a scent for all age groups.  

Ok, well that comes to the end of this trio of scents.  I think we covered a little something for everyone’s preference.  

Did I do a good job trying to explain a scent through a screen?  It’s not an easy task!!  When will we ever come up with scento-vision!?   I mean, we can do everything else why not that?! 

Did I get you to want to try one of these?  

As I mentioned in my post before, these are all available at the amazing site 

I hope you take a look And see all the goodies you can save 25% off of! Plus they are EBATES friendly!    

Do any of you own or have tried these scents before? What perfumes should I try next?! 
Talk to me in the comments! 
Xo ūüíú

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