Holy Grail Foundation

Wow!  It’s been a busy day on the blog!  Lipbatters, giveaways and now Foundations!! 

I posted todays Makeup of the Day on my Instagram page @beautyplate  

 and that lead me to write this post! 

These are my 2 Favorite High End Foundations!  

Both are Holy Grail status in my makeup routine if you ask me! 

So right now Sephora is running their annual VIB Sale!  This is a sale only “Very Important” Beautys  Insiders members are able to take advantage of.  Those are member who are signed up in their Beauty Insider “rewards” system.  VIB status is open to everyone.  You just have to spend a certain amount of money to reach VIB status and unlock the benefits.  

One Perk, you get a chance to shop makeup and beauty products with a discount.  If you are one of the smart ones, you don’t shop when new products are released, but await for this sale and THEN you do all your shopping and save extra few dollars!  BOY LET ME TELL YOU THE HAULS IVE SEEN!! WOW!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Anywho, So I’ve noticed a lot of ladies had these foundations on their “WishLists” and I’ve guided a few by telling them  you can SAVE on BOTH of these expensive foundations by buying them at www.FragranceNet.com.  Don’t let the Sephora VIB Sale FOOL you into making you buy these right now from them…. FragranceNet.com savings are ALWAYS!  Not annually and open to EVERYONE!  No special VIP there!  Everyone wins! 

 Here’s a Price Comparison for you….  I took a screen shot of Both my shopping baskets…

First let’s look at Sephora…

  Total at Sephora before taxes $119

Now let’s see FragranceNet.com 

 Total at FragranceNet.com  $80.98 Before taxes! 😃🙌🏼🙌🏼  

Do you see the difference?  

Talk about a No brainer!! 

FragranceNet.com also always has a coupon code available either it be free shipping or a 20-25% off coupon!  Just sign up for their mailing list and you’ll receive coupons OFTEN!

Now With that extra $40 you saved  just from shopping at FragranceNet, you can use that extra dinero to buy yourself some some new perfume! 😉 

What’s your Favorite or Holy Grail Foundation?! I’m on the search for more!  


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