V A L E N T I N O 

If you are looking for a new fragrance to add to your holiday list.. ADD THIS!!! Valentino Valentina 


The packaging is just as BEAUTIFUL as its scent! 


Valentino’s Valentina smells beautiful! Reminds me of an Italian beauty. Sexy, feminine, romantic with hints of sweetness…. Kind of what a desired LOVE would smell like…  

Valentina is made up of:  

  • Calabrian bergamot and white alba truffle.
  • White flowers and Wild Strawberry.
  • Cedar, Amber and Vanilla.

  Anyone else feel bad for their spouse when they find a new perfume?! Literally covered every inch of my body in this! 

For an extra dose, I have layered it with its delicious fragrance lotion.  

Valentina Body Lotion and Eau De Parfum

 This gives the perfume a more staying power and the scent lasts even longer (not that there is an issue of its lengthiness worn alone, it’s Perfect without it). 

 Applying this before bed has my husband mesmerized as he’s drifting away to sleep. It’s a soft scent and not as fragrant as the perfume. So it won’t be bothersome for sweet dreams.  
This extremely attractive bottle is adorned with 3 of Valentino’s signature Couture flowers. Which makes this bottle even more stunning and a decorative vanity showpiece. 



Valentino’s Valentina Eau De Parfum is available at FragranceNet.com in a 1.7 oz bottle for $44.99 (with coupon) that’s 45% savings off retail price.  

Make sure to grab the body lotion to complete the pairing.  
Valentina Body Lotion is in a 6.8 oz bottle for $29.99(with coupon) saving yourself 45% off of retail prices as well. 

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*Prices are accurate at time of post and are subject to chance without notice.   

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