Holiday gift of Fragrance 

Can you believe it?!? 9 more days until Christmas!!!  Ahhhh… So much to still do, in such little time!! The pressure is on and the Stress is High in the stores! 

 That is why I like to do most of my shopping these days online and in the convenience of my own home! Which brings me to the fabulous for great savings on ALL your beauty needs.  

One thing I have always had on my WishList was a Beautiful Collection of Yves Saint Laurent!   I’m not doing so well in the fashion side, but on the beauty side….. I’m killing it!!!  

 Here’s some more of these beautiful pieces.  


Ysl has some of the most gorgeous packaging and their lipsticks are so creamy and luxurious.   


 But I’m Especially thrilled about my latest addition BLACK OPIUM 

 I have become intoxicated by it! I really can not stop smelling myself when I wear this, and already thinking of buying a back up. It’s an ADDICTIVE and energetic scent with a touch of sweetness…. It’s notes are:  

  • Top Notes: Vanilla bean
  • Mid Notes: White flowers
  • Base Notes: Black coffee

I think Black Opium has captured my love even more, since I’m a coffee feen! The richness from the Black Coffee notes lures me in!   Makes me want to cover every inch of my body in it.  Like a pick me up for my nose. 

Because of that, This is a Must Have gift on any ladies Wish List this year!  
What  fragrance do you have on your WishList? 


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