UdxGwen meets Harajuku Lovers

Who else grew up watching and listening to Gwen Stefani?!  Remember her grungey style in No Doubt?? She rocked those tight white tanks with bra straps showing,  Doc. Martins and Bright Red Lipstick like No other!! I love it ALL!!! The good and the bad!  She has taken us through so many stages of her amazing journey.  Career and life!  No matter what, Everything she did, exudes her style to a T.   

So you can only imagine, I was BEYOND excited to hear she collaborated with Urban Decay to do a Makeup Collection!   

Pic from Urban Decays Instagram

 OMG!!! Yay!  FINALLY!!  This was THE missing piece of the puzzle!  I always wondered WHY??? didnt Gwen have her own makeup line, besides her LAMB line!  Her style was classic and ridiculous!!!  (good way) It would of just make sense!  Right?!  I mean, Who didn’t want her look, I sure did!!!  

I was so thankful to receive the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette from my sweet friend, for Christmas!  I was jumping for joy dancing with this beauty in my arms!  Not only is the makeup pretty, the packaging is so fashionable and stylish…. Wouldn’t expect anything less!  

Outside packaging


Unboxing palette


UDXGwen palette

Isn’t it gorgeous!!  This palette has such great weight to it and  so well made.   The top of the palette is stylish, glossy, and the hardware gives it the right amount of edge!  Perfection! 

Here’s a peek of the inside….  
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!  There’s so many choices to create soft, natural everyday looks!  It’s so rare for me to like every shade in a palette!  This palette is a WINNER!!! 

Two of my favorite colors.. Baby and Pop 

 I must say though, when I saw Danger(blue) I said…. “No way would I even touch that color.”  It would be useless for me! 

   Ooooo, I was  totally wrong…. I swatched it and immediatly wanted to use it as a powder eyeliner!  The feeling  just came over me, the need to wear it!  I think that was the LAMB fashion gods telling me to step out of my comfort zone a bit! 

 I’m in love with this palette and these colors will work for everyone!  Even if you are a darker skin tone, the colors will be a softer look for you, but it will still be very pretty.  

Since the time I have gotten this Limited Edition palette, Urban Decay has released A UD Gwen Blush palette and Lipsticks.  I NEED to get those and they are on my list…. Right now the Limited Edition line is available at Sephora!  

But in the meantime, I found out FragranceNet.com was carrying the  Harajuku Lovers Collection!  

I immediately had to get some of the pieces, and introduce my palette to her long lost sisters!  

My Family that Gwen built

Gwen introduced us to the Harajuku Lovers back in 2007/2008 after her first fragrance, L for LAMB was released.  The Harajuku Line was designed for the younger and stylish consumer in mind.   Each doll was inspired by her backup dancers, with G being Gwen herself, transformed into a cartoon Anime.   These girls are so cute and detailed.  All the way down to the tiny little painted toenails.   

  I was able to grab Baby, Love and Super G for review and they each have their own delicious scent.

Let’s start off with Super G.  Look how cute Gwen is as her Alter Ego superwoman! 

  Super G, the newest of the group, was developed in 2011 by perfumer Steve DeMercado.  This fragrance is my favorite out of the 3.   I believe Gwen saved the best scent for herself.   Her notes consist of: 

  • mandarin
  •  coconut, 
  • apple skin, 
  • jasmine sambac, 
  • freesia, 
  • magnolia, 
  • coconut cream, 
  • white sandalwood and cottonwoods 

Super G is fun and flirty.  I would love to wear this in the summer and enjoy it’s sweetness wearing a dress in the warm summer! 

Next, let’s see Baby 

  Awwww,  look at her hair with those cute aqua bows.  She’s so cute and sweet.   

Baby was developed in 2008 by perfumer Harry Fremont.  Baby is know for her clean, sweet and soft powdery scent. She smells just like you would imagine a baby smelling.  Gosh,  I love the smell of babies! 

Her notes consist of…

  • freesia
  • bergamot
  • white rose
  • orange flower
  • tiare 
  • jasmine
  • white musk
  • soft woods
  • heliotrope, vanilla and violet.

Lastly, introducing Love…. 

Love  was developed in 2008 as well by perfumers Yves Cassar and Pascal Gaurin.   She has a unique scent a little sweet, light perfume.  She’s perfect for an everyday scent. 

Loves notes beautifully contain… 

  • bergamot, pink pomelo, peach, bamboo leaf, watery peony, 
  • living hydroponic lace rose, jasmine sambac, nectarine blossom, 
  • creamy paperwhites, Egyptian jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, musk and blond wood

The Harajuku Lover girls  are too adorable to pass up.  And with all the excitement and buzz around Gwen, these dolls are going to become collector pieces!  They look cute and smell awesome.  You must check them out!  They are available at FragranceNet.com at unbeatable prices.
Do you have any of these cuties! Or  have them at one time? 


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