PÜR Cosmetics HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation 

 Winter is here and in full effect… And because of that, I find myself looking for a different formula in my makeup. This time of year, usually causes us ladies to have drier skin, not only on our bodies but our faces. 

I always have an issue with foundation because some make my dry patches more noticeable since the foundation attaches to the drier areas, making them look worse. So the madness begins of buying a million to foundations to test and most find the holy grail…. Most just are the same results as my last. Not good.  
This brings me to let you know of a NEW foundation that is just released for Spring 2016. This is NOT like the others I have tried! This is BETTER and I honestly can say I have ended my quest to search for the HOLY GRAILl! I found it! Well, it found me! Lol  

My friends at PÜR Cosmetics so generously sent me their NEW product to test and review. HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation 

PÜR Cosmetics HydraFluid

Let me tell you a bit about it.   

“PUR is encapsulated water complex delivers Swiss Alps sourced water to hydrate the skin for lasting radiance while providing silky, medium coverage. HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation is incomparably lightweight yet offers the perfect amount of coverage and satisfies the desire for Dewy, breathable, luminous-looking skin.”  

It comes in 5 shades for all skintones 

  • Light 
  • Medium
  • Tan
  • Dark 
  • Deep 


PÜR Cosmetics HydraFluid Shades


 Here’s some beautiful swatches so you can see the colors available. 

Swatches of PÜR Cosmetics HydraFluid

Here’s how the tube applicator looks 

The applicator tip delivers the perfect and right amount for each use. 

Some key ingredients and benefits with the most important, is being the encapsulated water, from the Swiss Alps.  That’s the ingredient that is saving my dry face this winter!   This foundation, is a DREAM for women who has dry skin/patches!   Water, sourced from the Swiss Alps, is known for its high purity and is the ideal way to deliver mineral water to refresh the skin for long lasting, deep hydration. It also helps smooth, firm and lift the skins appearance while soothe and provide antioxidants. 

When I first read it was “encapsulated water” I told myself, ” Ah…this is probably just like a tinted moisturizer” and didn’t think much about it. WRONG!!!! 
This has great coverage! Actually amazing coverage! You can decide how much you want. You want a little bit, apply a smaller amount of foundation and it blends away, yet giving you a great, refreshed natural-looking skintone. You want a bit more coverage, add another layer. You can customize it to your liking and I think that’s such a deal breaker in a foundation! I hate when you apply a foundation and you can’t thin it out because then it will look blotchy and uneven. Or you can’t add more coverage, because the foundation is so heavy, you’ll look like cakeface! That’s not suitable for daytime, more so in the workplace. 

When I used HyrdaFluid, I applied a tiny pea sized dots all over my face.  

 Here’s a quick shot of how I applied the foundation.  Please excuse the quality…. I hurried and snapped it, just to give you an idea.  

Here’s an after.  All I’m wearing in this pic is HydraFluid and Mascara.   
  You can immediatly see the glow and smoothing out the redness on the right side of my face.  

After applying, my skin looked like my own skin, but glowing, smooth and even. You can see light dewy sheen when I turn my head to the side. It looks so beautiful and natural. I’m obsessed with how my skin looks. This is so lightweight on, like I have nothing on my face!   Very Natural. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to try out HydraFluid! I will defiantly be using this in the winter and I guarantee it will look beautiful in the summer. Giving. You that fresh faced glow we all love!  

HydraFluid is available right now for $39 ONLY at PURcosmetics.com, But will be available Feburary 7th 2016 in Kohls and Ulta Stores nationwide.  

So what do you think? Are you interested in trying the PÜR Cosmetics HyrdaFluid Foundation?  


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