Amuse Bouche BITE Beauty 

Attention Lipstick lovers!

BITE Beauty is going to take all of your money!!! (Insert evil laugh here) 

 BITE developed a new line called Amuse Bouche, which consists of 34 BOLD, Creamy, Hydrating and Delicious lipsticks.   

These will be released on February 23rd and in Sephora Stores March 4th. 

 I got my pretty hands on 3 of them to show you!  Thanks to BITEBeauty and Influenster, I was complimentary gifted 3 beautiful colors from the collection, for testing and review.  (Check my previous post here to see how you can become part of the Influenster community.)   

So let’s take a look….  

Influenster BITEbeauty VoxBox


Included in the VoxBox were 3 BITEBeauty Lipstick tubes and this well designed and informative product sheet. 

The lipstick tubes are super luxurious with a smooth, rubbery,  flat black texture.  This kind of reminds me of NARS packaging.

Here’s the inside of the product sheet.  LOVE the style and all the goodness they put into it.  This shows me how much pride they put into their brand.  Well done BITEBeauty.   

 Description from  BITEbeauty…

Natural ingredients provide creamy, long lasting hydration that nourish and revitalize lips.

  Description from BITEbeauty…

A perfectly balanced cocktail of twelve edible oils provides optimal hydration and instantly nourished, smoother, softer lips.

Fresh pressed grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint and mandarin extracts provide a uniquely refreshing flavor that is unmistakably Amuse Bouche….. 

Do you see how delicious these lipsticks look!  Yummmm!   

Pepper, Beetroot, Gazpacho

 Natural ingredients provide creamy, long lasting hydration that nourish and revitalize lips.


Pearl, silk, and red wine resveratrol prolong wear, enhance creaminess of texture and provide long lasting antioxidant benefits long after application. 

  These stunning lipsticks are LIVE and available at and will be available in Sephora Stores March 4th.  You can check them out here.

Have you experienced BITEbeauty lipsticks yet?  

Thanks for stopping by! 


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