Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

Smashbox came out with a new product that will give ANY lipstick a MATTE makeover, instantly!   

 I’m talking about Smashbox Insta -Matte Lipstick Transformer.  

This can ONLY be used with lipstick.  It cannot be used with lipgloss, lacquer or balms.  It’s a gel consistency that transforms any cream lipstick into a comfortable Matte finish.  

The Brands take on Insta-Matte… 


• Transforms any cream lipstick into a matte finish and doubles your lipstick wardrobe

• Improves wear of lipstick & prevents feathering

• Portable tube makes it perfect for on-the-go

 Here’s a look at a drop of the INSTAMATTE Gel… 


The texture and consistency of this gel almost kind of reminds me of my Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer… (Hmmmm did I just discover a dual purpose product?!?!   I’ll have to research and compare…) It’s very soft, silky and smooth feeling. It also feels light on my lips. Not even noticeable feeling,  while I wore it.   

Here’s some swatches of the Smashbox BELEGENDARY Lipsticks with and without INSTA-MATTE. 

BELEGENDARY Lipsticks Without Insta-Matte



 So perfect and a nice look.   It’s hard to capture in a photo but the Matte is/was a perfect Matte.  Not chalky looking.  It also didn’t feather or amuse my lipstick after application.  Everything stayed put, right where it was. 

I love the fact that I can get a matte look, but still have that creamy feel of a lipstick on my lips.  Most matte lipsticks, are a little drying and don’t have that moisture that I like in a lipstick. Smashbox Insta-Matte just gave me the best of both worlds and changed up my whole lipstick game!  

I totally suggest everyone to get this!    Not only does it feel amazing and work. It’s also going to help me save a ton of money. Now, I don’t have to go searching everywhere looking to buy my favorite color in a MATTE finish.    
Just apply the gel with my finger and Walla…. Totally different look!

You can purchase Insta-Matte for $24 at Smashbox, Sephora, Ulta and many other retailers.  And don’t forget to pick up these gorgeous BELEGENDARY Lipsticks 

 Does INSTA-MATTE sound like something you would like to try?!  

Thanks for stopping by! 


*Huge THANK YOU to SMASHBOX for supplying me with this product for my blog post. Please note, ALL REVIEWS are my Genuine and HONEST thoughts and feelings towards a product.  

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