Benefit Cosmetics CHEEKATHON Blush and Bronzer Swatches and Review 

Hi Gorgeous! It’s such a beautiful day here and the sun is shining and so bright It reminded me I have to share this beautiful Limited Edition Benefit CHEEKATHON Blush Palette. 

Benefit Cosmetics Cheekathon Blush and Bronzer Palette

Now, you may have seen me post and and talk about this palette on my Instagram page, but I never did show you swatches. So here I am… not only to show you how gorgeous this palette is, but… Just keep reading….   
First lets admire the beauty a bit more.  Here’s a look of the back of the packaging. 

And here’s what the palette opens up to. 

Also included in the palette is a “tips and tricks” pamphlet showing how to achieve different looks. 
Here’s a look at the back with product sizes. If you are looking to purchase a makeup product that holds its worth in value…. YOU MUST grab this! The whole palette is $58, BUT!!!! Let me tell you about the money you will save buying this!  I’ll help you justify your shopping spree. 😉
First of all, EACH blush retails for $29. This Palette contains 5 FULL SIZED…yes you read that right.. FULL SIZED blushes which comes out $145, if you were to buy them individually.  Right away you are saving $87. If you were to do your math, each blush would now   ONLY cost $11.60! (Insert Whattttttt!!!! Here) INSTEAD OF $29 each. 

 Now do you see WHY you need to grab this?!?!  It’s a NO Brainer.  I have wanted all these blushes for the longest time.  And because of the Cheekathons value…. I made sure NOT to miss this one!  Better HURRY and GRAB it before it’s gone.  Don’t fret, I have links listed for you to shop faster . 

Ok, you ready for swatches….

Here’s indoor lighting 

And now with the gorgeous outdoor sun. 

Ahhhhh…Isn’t it so pretty!

The Benefit CHEEKATHON Blush and Bronzer Palette is $58 and available for purchase at Sephora, Ulta and  
*Sadly to report, At the time of this post the Cheekathon Palette is not available at  
So does this purchases sound like a wise choice and good investment to you? I should buy myself a back-up Just because it’s that good! 

Thanks for stopping by!





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