Candles and chill…

Enjoying a relaxing Terra Essential Scents candle that I got at       Terra Essential Scents Candles are Handcrafted, Pure Soy wax candles made with cotton wicks. Using essential oils to give you that aromatherapy benefit.   This candle is awesome because you can ACTUALLY use the Hot WAX and MASSAGE it onto your … Continue reading Candles and chill…

Sneak peek Fall Haul

Hey beauties!   Hope everyone is having a great day and the new school year started on the right foot.   So lately, I have been mentioning a lot about this fantastic website called      They are your One Stop Discount Beauty Shop!   Ranging from Fragrance, skincare, Makeup, and haircare products. They even sell … Continue reading Sneak peek Fall Haul

Energy in a cream lotion!!!  Sign me Up!!!

Hi Beauties!! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday!  Family time is fun but crazy.  Almost need an extra day of rest afterwards.  Cooking is exhausting!!  So this post comes with perfect timing!!  You know I'm a "NEED-er" of anything that can perk me up and give me energy. Family holidays and  2 small humans depleted … Continue reading Energy in a cream lotion!!!  Sign me Up!!!

Wednesdays Words

These are my Wednesday Words! 1⃣ Love equals Passion 2⃣ Passion equals Desire 3⃣ Desire equals Focus  4⃣ Focus equals Drive  5⃣ Drive equals Hustle  6⃣ Hustle equals Going Places!!  🌟Going Places = Winning🌟   Dont stop your hustle!! 👌👍✌️  Hope you are having a Fabulous Week so far!  Keep pushing and getting things done! 💋    

International Womens Day

Happy International Womens Day !!! Let's support each other more! We are the same. We are built the same. We all feel the same emotions.  We are put here to do the same!!   Loving, Caring, Teaching and Raising!!Us ladies carry a lot on our plates. Each of us brings a different approach, therefore we can learn a lot from eachother! … Continue reading International Womens Day