TomBoxes is a Monthly MUST have….

Ok Ladies Here it is!!!  Look at all these great products!!!  How awesome is this Subscription Box from TomBoxes?!  You get all of this Starting at $16 a month.  You can add extra makeup, razors and goodies for a little more money.    We ladies obviously need the EHhmmm☺️... And the rest is just a … Continue reading TomBoxes is a Monthly MUST have….

Wednesdays Words

These are my Wednesday Words! 1⃣ Love equals Passion 2⃣ Passion equals Desire 3⃣ Desire equals Focus  4⃣ Focus equals Drive  5⃣ Drive equals Hustle  6⃣ Hustle equals Going Places!!  🌟Going Places = Winning🌟   Dont stop your hustle!! 👌👍✌️  Hope you are having a Fabulous Week so far!  Keep pushing and getting things done! 💋    

International Womens Day

Happy International Womens Day !!! Let's support each other more! We are the same. We are built the same. We all feel the same emotions.  We are put here to do the same!!   Loving, Caring, Teaching and Raising!!Us ladies carry a lot on our plates. Each of us brings a different approach, therefore we can learn a lot from eachother! … Continue reading International Womens Day

coffee with f.r.i.e.n.d.s and Khloe

It's Monday mayhem.... Either you're off to school, commuting to work or getting your kids on the bus....Mondays always crazy!!    I'm sitting here enjoying my sons late start (thank you Mr. Ice storm) drinking from my "Cup of Life" and reading some blogs!   So these 2 things gave me a little excitement this … Continue reading coffee with f.r.i.e.n.d.s and Khloe