Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine

Hey you! I wanted to share my excitement about The EVER SO FAMOUS Sephora Favorites Sephora Favorite Give Me Some Shine lip sampler. Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine - Lip Sampler These kits are fabulous! Not only are they great for gifts for yourself (wink,wink) but also to give a beauty lover, and absolutely … Continue reading Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine

My Box of Joy has arrived

Here's my "BOX OF JOY" 😍😍 All this beauty is up for grabs for $26.50.   You can shop the site HERE.  Luxepineapple has current, new released makeup and beauty products available at discount prices. A few times a month,  LuxePineapple releases a "Box of Joy" that they curate and announce the release hours before, through a newsletter email.  Sign … Continue reading My Box of Joy has arrived

PRE-ORDER  Makeup box Deal 

Just received that email notifying me of a Luxe Pineapple Box of Joy Release!!! So I thought I'd pass the Awesome savings on!!!!   HURRY BEFORE 5🕔CST March 16th‌‌  Click Here to order!!!  RESERVE your.................. REVEALED COASTAL PALETTE non Subscription box!!!   ONLY  $26.50 retail value $60  Set to release March 22. ï»żï»ż BOX INCLUDES:: Revealed Coastal Palette...ï»żï»żMaybelline Color Whisper … Continue reading PRE-ORDER  Makeup box Deal